Developing a React Native app

A week ago I was developing a react native app called DeDolares, and following the process of submitting my app to the Google Play and also to the App Store. This process remember me when I was working with PhoneGap about 3+ years ago.

Well I couldn’t avoid compare both, immediately I thought “this is something different”. If you hear about react (a JS library for building user interfaces from Facebook) probably you hear about react native, it is “a framework for building native apps using react” but the difference between it and for example ionic or Cordova (PhoneGap) is that you get a native app, yes you read that right, a native app for real!

I will writing more about my experience working with react native and the process of develop my app so this is just the beginning.

If you want to get my because it could be helpful to compare Android version and iOS you can get it from this links: